• Zero tolerance to content implying hate, violence or criminal behavior.       
  • No cruel or insensitive content targeting victims of serious physical or emotional harm.
  1. Personal Edition to be used for personal, non-business-related website.
  2. One person can be registered as Creator and/or Party on one domain or subdomain only.
  3. Display name of the User and associated domain name will be shown in the CLink Registry. Emails are kept private unless a specific written request is made to display it.
  4. One registration per day, unlimited during beta.
  5. Creation has to be made Referent to license it.
  6. Creator must own legal right to the Creation before it is made Referent.

  7. Creation cannot be edited after it is made Referent.

Intentional violation of Licenses may result in the suspension of the User in the CLink Registry.