• Must be a Referent Creation to form a Link with.
  • Linked site's Creator must be the Licensee.
  1. Links can be initiated by clicking on the Reuse this content” buttons at the bottom of the published post/page or at the corresponding registry records: 
  2. For Media files links to be initiated form the corresponding registry records.
  3. After clicking on the “Reuse this content" or "Get a license" button the first pop-up provides to Download link for wpCLink plugin, in case it has not been already installed.
  4. The second popup will prompt for domain and name for verification.
  5. After successful verification, the license offer will be presented to the Licensee.
  6. Upon acceptance of the license offer, a Link is created. The parameters of the Link are listed under the Links menu: (i) Inbound for the site related to the Referent Creation and (ii) Outbound for the site related to the Linked Creation.  In the meantime, the content becomes available for the Licensee's backend which can be edited (as permitted by the license), published right away or at a  later time.

Even though the Licenses were created by an Attorney with expertise in the copyright field, those cannot be considered legal advice!

Linked can be removed only before the Linked Creation is published.

In the CLink > Links > Outbound menu under the URL of the corresponding post/page click on Remove Link.