Content must be licensed to the Creator of the linked site (see the Links section for details).

Publishing a Linked Creation

  1. Mouse over the Linked Creation to be published from Creations >> Linked and select Page/Post according to the type of Creation.
  2. Click on “Publish” under the title.
  3. The creation can be published as it is or can be edited according to the permission of the license.
  4. "Quick Edit" UI of WordPress is used to process the allowed set of the content according to the granted license. Date, (must be after the publish date of the Referent Creation, Categories and Tags can be added or modified according to the permission provided by the license.  The example below shows a scenario with "Add to Taxonomy" right category of the license).
  5. After clicking on the Publish button the Linked Creation will be published.
  • The Linked Creation becomes visible under All Post or All Pages of the WordPress menu. Referent Creator and Referent Creation Identifier columns are added to the All Post and All Pages tables.
  • Attribution to the Original (Referent) is automatically added to the Republished (Linked) Creation.

"Reuse this content" button at the Linked Creation initiates the reuse of the Referent Creation and the license will be provided by the Rights Holder of the Referent Creation.  Put differently, the Linked Creation is a promoter of Referent Creation through the "Reuse this content" button. 

  • Canonical link pointing to the Referent Creation is automatically added to the HTML page of the Linked Creation.

There will be some time delay in publishing the Linked Creation due to the additional steps needed for the registration

Editing a Linked Creation


Permissions given by the license are automatically processed by wpCLink and the content is editable accordingly in the UI.  Content not permitted to be changed are greyed out.

Making  a Version

The process and steps are the same as described for the Registered Creation.

Registry Records

  1. Linked Creation (with links to the Referent)
  2. Licensed Rights (registered according to the granted license)
  3. Rights Transaction (License)

Recorded Metadata in JPEG Images

(in addition to properties already recorded when the image was made a Referent Creation)

Licensable Badge

When Google Image Search indexes a republished image as licensable the information will be pointing to the page set on the original image, because the licensed image retains the plus:LicensorURL.